This is a list of guides which describe and breakdown using both REST and GraphQL to interact with Bluescape APIs. Each section will contain walkthroughs for performing each task with both the REST and GraphQL methods, while also providing full code examples of each in multiple languages.

Getting Started

1. Application Authorization

In order for applications to access the Bluescape API they must be authorized by an existing Bluescape user. The Application Authorization guide explains how to use your application's credentials to obtain this authorization.

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2. Basic API Request

Once an application has received an access token, it is free to start accessing the Bluescape API. The Basic API Request guide presents some example requests to get you started with creating your application.

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3. Get list of workspaces

Get the list of all Workspaces that you can access. With this, you can get the IDs and names of each Workspace.

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4. Get all images from a Workspace

Get the information for all the images uploaded in your Workspace. You can easily extend this script to download documents, notes, etc.

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5. Create a Canvas and add a note to it

Here you will learn how to create a new Canvas and how to add a Note to it. Creating a Canvas is very useful for organizing elements in a Workspace.

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6. Upload content from local drive in a Canvas

Learn how to automate the uploading of documents and images from a local folder on your hard drive to a new Canvas.

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Listeners are a powerful tool for monitoring Bluescape workspaces and responding to user actions. The Listeners guide describes in detail how listeners work and how to get started using them.
GraphQL Subscriptions will be replacing Listeners in a future release.

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